What is Gamezone?Gamezone is an html5 games platform. Our platform offers a variety of the most popular online games.

What do I do with Gamezone?Gamezone is the ideal platform that offers you with the top-rated online games that is in the market where you can download the trendiest online games based on your location.

Where can I use Gamezone?Our service is available everywhere. You can access your platform anytime, everywhere and personalize your library with all sorts of games we have. Gamezone is the perfect platform for your modern mobile world.

Can I use it on my phone?Gamezone is compatible with all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and feature phones). The best user experience is through smartphones and requires 2G and up.

How did I get subscribed to Gamezone?By coming across one of our promotional pages and click on the subscribe button. We confirm your enrolment to our services by sending you an SMS message to your mobile phone.

Is there a charge for using Gamezone?You are charged the rate that is mentioned on the promotional page that you visited when you subscribed to the service. You can also find it in the welcome message you received upon subscribing and in the monthly SMS reminder you receive from us.

How can I manage my subscription?Our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help you. Details on how to get in touch with us are in next FAQ: 'How can I get in touch with Customer Service?'.

How often do you add new apps to the platform?We constantly add html5 games based on popularity to keep with trends cross the world.


How am I charged for the service?Subscription charges will be deducted directly from your prepaid mobile balance, or will reflect in your monthly post-paid bill. The service charge is weekly, and you will receive an SMS notification once the transaction is processed.

Customer Care

How can I contact Customer Service?Our Customer Service Department will help with any problems you may have, and is available for you here:
• support@gamezones.biz